Mine Detection Dogs working in the Vanni

Mine Detection Dogs

It was not until the late 1980s that a greater awareness of the global landmine problem generated an international effort to remove landmines worldwide. From 1990, an increased number of international organisations have become involved in humanitarian demining, with an increasing use of dogs for mine and ERW, including unexploded sub-munitions detection.

Mine Detection Dogs (MDD) can be efficient and cost effective for mine action operations when used under the right conditions. MDD can provide a solution to the problems of locating minimum metal mines and working in ground with a high metallic content. However, the increased use of MDD has created new challenges. There are still contradictory views about the detection capabilities of MDD and some concerns are still raised about the quality and credibility of MDD operations. Despite the doubt, MDD are used by many in many situations and land is being released as a result of their actions.