Mechanical ground preparation using Arjun


Sarvatra Technical Consultants, in short SARVATRA, (a Sanskrit word which means “present everywhere or omnipresent”) is a registered society under the Societies Act XXI of 1860 by the Govt. of NCT Delhi, India. Having gained seven years of working experience in Sri Lanka SARVATRA is poised to move into other countries of the world.

Although specialists in the discipline of Humanitarian Mine Action, SARVATRA is also a multidisciplinary organisation capable of undertaking a wide range of Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, Post Conflict and Disaster Management Assignments as might be expected from an organization largely staffed by professionals with engineering background.

SARVATRA has been operating in Sri Lanka since 2003 as part of Indo – Lanka co-operation project funded by Norway. We have cleared an area of 49,291,402 Sq Mtrs and recovered more than sixty seven thousand devices (Annual Progress Report: National Mine Action Programme Year 2011)

Govt. of India funded Demining Project was launched on 19 June 2009. Indian Demining Project phase I was sanctioned in July 2009 followed by phase II in November 2009. Both the phases of Indian Demining Project were extended in view of the Tamil IDP resettlement process which is still ongoing

SARVATRA is functioning under the able guidance of Brig (Retd) SS Brar. Other members include Maj Gen (Retd) BS Kataria VSM, Maj Gen (Retd) PK Puri, Col Vinod Marwaha and Engr Jaideep Singh.

Arjun De mining System developed by Sarvatra was launched by National Steering Committee on Mine Action in 2005. Since then it has seen many innovations and also found it’s rightful place in Mechanical Demining Equipment Catalogue 2010 published by GICHD (Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining), Geneva. Arjun “is a versatile demining system that conducts Technical Survey rapidly over any ground, locates mine-lines reliably and prepares the mined ground for rapid REDS follow up.

In 2009 Sarvatra was awarded a short UN contract to supply one Arjun and a training team for training personnel in Sudan. The machine we provided was a new 80 hp armoured excavator with a precision made tool-head, a generous provision of spares, a water-bowser, etc., supplied direct from Delhi.

Our Humanitarian Mine Action priorities vary from country to country depending on the status of the National Mine Action Authority or the UN, and depending on the priorities of the donors who support our work. In most cases, our objectives will be to support a peace-building effort by carrying out the following activities:

  • To carry out post conflict Non-Technical survey of the areas that are suspected or mined and record them as Mine Survey Database for prioritization and planning by any National Mine Action Authority that exists, or as determined by the donor funding our activities.
  • To carry out Technical Survey of areas identified as hazardous and so reduce the area that must be cleared to the places that definitely present a threat.
  • Working to International standards for safety, to search for, locate and destroy Mines and ERW, thereby making the area safe for economic and social activities by the local population.
  • To impart Mine Risk Education in order to inform those who are unaware about the hazards present, and how best to avoid injury while waiting for the threats to be removed.
  • When necessary, to facilitate the provision of post traumatic injury treatment, including the provision of prosthetic help in the form of artificial limbs and wheel chairs for those injured by Mines and ERW. Whenever possible, to train the incapacitated to undertake appropriate economic activities and so assist their reintegration as valuable members of the community.
  • To train and employ local people as Surveyors, Deminers and MRE professionals. Not only is their local knowledge of great value, it is our policy to support the general post-conflict recovery process by providing employment whenever possible. Having a valued occupation helps to build self confidence and optimism about the future. Also, we have seen how the income of the deminers can help stimulate the local economy in many ways. A sustainable local economy is an essential foundation for building peace.

Sarvatra is dedicated to supporting a practical peace-building agenda in post-conflict areas around the world.