Demining using raking method
Mechanical ground preparation


  • Horizon Group, an Indian Ex Servicemen endeavour, comprises two organisations; HORIZON: Organisation for Post Conflict Environment Management, a Charitable Trust (Non Government Organisation) and HORIZON Assignments (India) Private Limited.
  • Both the organisations are involved in Post Conflict Environment Management tasks with emphasis on humanitarian demining and related activities. Major activities are:
    • Promotion of general awareness of land mine hazard among the masses.
    • Research in various facets of mine action.
    • Location of land mines infested areas and clearance of land mines therein.
    • Prevention of environment degradation due to the effects of conflict.
    • Supports in reconstruction in conflict ravaged areas and rehabilitation of population affected by conflict.
  • The Group has been contributing towards mine action in Sri Lanka since the year 2003. Total fifteen projects have been completed so far in Sri Lanka, out which nine have been funded by the Royal Norwegian Government where as six have been funded by the Government of India. Presently one project under the funding of Government of India is in currency. Total output of mine action has been in terms of release of 94,955,574 Sq M area and recovery of more than 105,304 devices. Notable contribution by the Group have been in the demining of the 107 KM long Railway alignment form Medawachachiya to Thallai Mannar, LTTE and SLA mine fields of Mallavarayarkaddaiy adampan and Mahilankulam. The Group also has the distinction to train and employ the Women deminers for the first time by any agency in Sri Lanka. Though predominantly demining is undertaken manually, the Group has ground preparation machines to speed up the clearance process as well as employed dogs for demining in the past.