Workshop on Mine Action Strategic Planning and Prioritization

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Workshop on Mine Action Strategic Planning and Prioritization

Organized by the National Mine Action Centre (NMAC), Ministry of Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation,  Resettlement, and Hindu Religious Affairs in Collaboration with Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD).

The National Mine Action Centre of this Ministry organized a workshop on Mine Action Strategic Planning and Prioritization in collaboration with GICHD from 09 to 12 June 2015 at Renuka hotel in Colombo. GICHD provided their expertise to conduct the workshop.

The main purpose was of this workshop is to revise the Sri Lankan National Mine Action Strategy with the consideration of Government priorities for the next five years.

On this workshop, all the participants contributed their knowledge and experience to develop a draft strategic plan for the Mine Action with the considering the good practices and lesson learnt in mine action strategic planning process globally and key policy implications of the Sri Lanka mine action along with SWOT analysis theories. On this they planned the final strategic plan to be published in this year.

The Hon. Minister of the Ministry of Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation,  Resettlement, and Hindu Religious Affairs participated as a chief guest at the inaugurations session of this workshop. Regional Officers from District secretariat,  The Regional Mine Action Officers, Sri Lankan Army, MAG, DASH, UNICEF and other interested organizations also participated in this Workshop